Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Trump Supporters

Last night, I had a nightmare. I was surrounded by Trump supporters.

Monday, October 2, 2017

What Will It Take?

I'm sure you have all heard of the horrific tragedy from Las Vegas by now. If you have somehow managed to not be in touch with any human or disconnected from everything today, a gunman killed 59 people and injured more than 500 during a concert in Vegas last night. This is the worst mass shooting to happen in the United States. My heart hurts for all of these people who have lost a loved one and those who are lying in hospital beds fighting for their lives. It's all so senseless!! Everyone is sending their thoughts and prayers. But I'm not. What are "thoughts and prayers" going to do? How does that help? What really needs to be done is better gun regulation. Get these automatic weapons off the streets. Limit the amount of ammo you can buy. Introduce a longer wait period... I don't know. Do somethingSomething is better than nothing. And I don't give a damn about "infringing on second amendment rights". Nobody needs an automatic weapon. Nobody needs that much ammo.

But I have very little faith in Congress, especially after 26 people died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a few years ago, 20 of whom were little children, and they did nothing. Absolutely nothing. They didn't even TRY to do anything. What will it take? The lives of 20 little children wasn't enough. The lives of 49 at a night club wasn't enough. Maybe this time, this shooting in Vegas, will be the turning point??? All of this inaction just proves to me that, to them, money reigns supreme, even more important than the lives of little children. Perhaps the only way for them to act on this is to experience first hand the horrors of gun violence... It all just seems so hopeless.

Tonight, as were hugging and kissing our kids good night, Keith asked Maddie if she knows what to do if someone starts shooting a gun at school. She immediately nodded her head. Her teacher would turn off the lights, lock the door, flip a table over and everyone hide. And nobody makes a sound so that the bad guy won't know that they're there. And last year, as kindergarteners, her class took a "fieldtrip" to the spot where they'd all evacuate to if the school got attacked. It was truly heartbreaking hearing her describe all of this. She's six! We live in such a mad mad world, and awful things are happening at an alarming rate, making all the madness the norm. I can't make any sense of it... Tonight, I just hugged the kids longer and tighter than I normally do. I hope they never have to experience how ugly this world can be. And I hope you and your loved ones remain happy and healthy. That's all I ever ask for...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Power of Our Senses

It's amazing how a certain smell or sound or taste can take you someplace far, far away. For me, it's usually smells and sounds that bring me to different places. When I was in a small town in Vietnam nearly twenty years ago, I smelled something burning or cooking... It's very distinct and can't quite describe it, but an elder said it smelled like the days when people would burn dead bodies during the Vietnam War. There were just too many bodies to bury. I've come across that smell a couple of times since then, and it just feels eerie. And really hope I'm not smelling a human being roasted. Old, rotting wood and Corn nuts remind me of my old Chinese school on Stockton Street in SF... and unfortunately the stuffy Muni buses that take you from Chinatown to the Powell Street Bart Station.

This morning, my kids inadvertently turned the radio to the classical station. I do like classical, but listen to it pretty infrequently because I'm almost always sleepy and classical relaxes me a little too much. Surprisingly, I wasn't too tired to enjoy it this morning. And after I dropped them off at my mom's house, I selected 104.9 on my radio, and continued my classical morning. It just felt really nice and relaxing, making me think of vacationing in Austria and Germany in January. I don't know what it was about that vacation that made everything seem magical. Maybe it was the castles and clear lakes and snow capped mountains. Or perhaps the introduction of savory and sweet dishes or the best hot chocolate I've ever had. (Cafe Demel is the place to be.) Or enjoying the Christmas lights strung along narrow centuries old streets while your cheeks are flushed from the cold. Or the classical musical playing everywhere. It was everywhere, and it was delightful. And magical. So whenever I hear classical, I think of my brief wonderland in Eastern Europe, and I hope that I can share these wonderful moments with my husband and two children.

Hope your senses bring you to wonderful places too!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

California is in a drought, people!!

If you were to drive around anywhere in the Bay Area (I'm only mentioning the Bay Area because I live here), you would see no signs that we are in a drought. Not just any drought. But the most severe kind - an "exceptional" drought. Holy crap. That sounds scary, right?! No, many people don't care. Their lawns are still impeccable. Not a blade of yellowed grass to be seen. As long as water still comes out of their faucets and hoses and they're not being billed extra for water, they don't care. They're probably thinking "Not my problem." I've also heard the argument that urban use only takes up about 10% of water usage in California, but agriculture takes up about 40%, so agriculture should decrease usage, not us normal people. Well, kids. Crops need water to grow. People need food to survive, so... That argument makes no sense. Blaming agriculture for using all the water is so selfish. So irresponsible. So nearsighted. Passing the blame doesn't help anybody.

We all need to do our part and save as much as we can, no matter what statistics say. Is it really that important that your lawn stays green? Does your car need to be spotless? No and no.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

No More Plastic Bags

San Jose businesses are no longer allowed to give out plastic bags (unless you're a restaurant, I believe). Everyone is to use paper bags now, and even those cost 10 cents each. This law is maybe a month old now, but I wish it had started sooner. True, it is a bit of a nuisance to forget your reusable bag and need to buy one (or however many you need) when you go shopping. The alternative is to not use any bags and just carry your purchases out with your hands. But come on. After you've forgotten a few times, you will eventually remember, and it'll just be routine. What's so wonderful about this law is that it forces people to reuse bags, therefore, reducing waste, saving trees, eliminating a lot of plastic, and hopefully just a little more environmentally aware. I hope this law gets adopted by other cities soon! One for Mother Nature!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My New Favorite Song

Kim Kardashian is many things. One of them being very beautiful. But she is definitely not a singer. Check out her song. Oh my gosh. It's absolutely horrible.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dating B Wilson

The other night, I had a dream that Brian Wilson (the closer for the SF Giants) and I had gone out on a date. It went okay, nothing special. I later received an email from him telling me he had a great time and can't wait to see me again. The tone of his email sounded forced. I could tell he was trying to sound excited. He even said, "I can't wait to see you again. Heeeeeeee!!!" I remember thinking "Brian Wilson says 'heeeeeeee!!'???". That's not a very macho thing to say... Anyway, I didn't really fall for him and he didn't for me, so why are we still dating??? Can we just be friends?!